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About us


Chuck Buscemi—current operating head of First Team’s Buscemi, Noonan & Associate Realtors, the preeminent real estate experts within the niche marketplace that comprises Belmont Shore, Seal Beach, Surfside Colony, Sunset Beach, Huntington Harbour and downtown Huntington Beach, with consistent annual transactions in Newport Beach, Corona del Mar and Newport Coast—is a hardworking individual. So much so, that when asked what he enjoys doing for fun, he quips about selling homes. When asked a rephrased version of the question—the second time, on how he and his family enjoy spending their free time—he speaks fondly to two of his greatest passions, which in his mind remain inextricably connected.

“We love to travel,” Chuck reveals, “and although we live on the water, in Surfside, our vacation destinations almost always involve a beach.

If you’ve never paid a visit to Surfside community, of which Buscemi speaks, at its northern end, there’s Belmont Shore, the jewel of Long Beach best known for its vibrant shopping and dining scene. At its southern end, there’s the Newport/Corona del Mar area, which offers some of the most luxurious oceanfront living in the world. In between lie several of Orange County’s best-kept secrets. Situated just south of Belmont, Seal Beach is famous for its pier and charming downtown area. Surfside Colony—the gated enclave Buscemi calls home—is set against the crashing waves of its own semi-private beach and encompasses its own post office, along with just 282 houses. Sunset Beach, the quiet seaside town in which Buscemi’s office is located, is revered for its off-the-beaten-path surf spots, its picturesque green belt, and the seafood restaurant Captain Jack’s. Huntington Harbour offers residences on a handful of tiny islands, while downtown Huntington Beach—a place that’s undergone an incredible resurgence over the last decade—is known as Surf City USA.

Whether you ask Buscemi’s family, his clientele or his peers, the man deserves a moment away from the grind once in a while. Having sold more than $1.5 billion in residential real estate over the course of his career, his name is practically synonymous with the real estate markets that line Orange County’s coast. When he’s not leveraging his more than 40 years of highly focused local experience to help clients buy and sell homes, he’s providing mentorship to his team, which over the years has grown to include a total of 10 agents.

“Cathy and I built our beach front home in Surfside in 2004, and have lived here since 1997. Before that, we lived in Huntington Harbour for over 20 years,” Buscemi noted. “We’ve not only worked in this area for more than three decades—we’ve resided here for the same amount of time. Throughout these years, we’ve focused first and foremost on giving our clientele the kind of attentive real estate service we’d want to enjoy ourselves. To say that doing so is a privilege would be a tremendous understatement. We love these communities so much that what we do for a living never really feels like work.”


Our Vision

Our clients are people who want straight forward answers and sound advice, so they can make wise and informed decisions. The Buscemi•Noonan & Associate Realtors name equals over $1.5 Billion in sales and over 40 years of experience in beach cities property. Put those numbers to work for you today!